• Climbing every mountain in Acadia
    Climbing every mountain in Acadia
    College of the Atlantic President Darron Collins challenged himself to make 250 climbs, covering 1,000 miles, in Acadia.
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  • Drive-in theater is back in business
    Drive-in theater is back in business
    Thirty years after it closed, the Bangor Drive-In reopened this summer.
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  • Learn to climb Acadia's cliffs
    Learn to climb Acadia's cliffs
    The Great Chimney is not, as its name might suggest, something Santa shimmies up and down every Christmas Eve.
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  • Experience coastal Maine from the air
    Experience coastal Maine from the air
    An unforgettable journey over the rugged shores, mountain peaks and isolated islands of the Acadia National Park area awaits visitors to Acadia Air Tours.
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  • Kayak Maine's rugged shore
    Kayak Maine's rugged shore
    There’s a spot on the coast of Ironbound Island where the cliffs don’t quite fit together.
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Maine's natural beauty
Tastes of sea and land
A lively arts scene
Maine's natural beauty
Tastes of sea and land
A lively arts scene
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Over two million visitors flock to Acadia National Park each year. The region's natural beauty does not stop at the park's boundaries, however. There are many vibrant communities and attractions within a half-day's drive. Check out all Downeast Maine has to offer.

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1.	Weeks twins Jack (left) and Jeff try to tip each other into the pool during a logrolling competition in Timber Tina’s Great Maine Lumberjack Show. On this night, Jack Weeks prevailed in two out of the three matches.

Jack and Jeff Weeks don’t always compete against each other, but when the twin brothers do, it’s on top of a Western red cedar log […]

Harvest moon over the Del Luce Stadium at Ellsworth High School. 

On the East Coast, Maine is known for dark night skies and some of the prime skywatching is in Acadia National Park and the Mount Desert Island area.

Handcrafted baskets from Abigail Goodyear’s collection at Island Artisans.

Vibrant, delicately crafted baskets greet the eye at Island Artisans in Bar Harbor. Abigail Goodyear was among the five artists who founded the artists collective […]

Cara Romano’s signature jewelry combines sterling silver and hand-formed wool beads. 

“I believe in curating a collection of work that has a young, fresh feel.” — jeweler Cara Romano

Mary Eaton shows off some of her natural sea glass chunks. Red sea glass is the most difficult to find. 

Little Deer Isle artist Mary Eaton, armed with an oil seascape, was on her way by boat to an art show when she noticed a […]

Automated in 1975, the Burnt Coat Harbor Lighthouse continues to serve as a valuable navigational aid to mariners. Its beacon illuminates the Burnt Coat Harbor entrance, Harbor Island and other coastal features. 

Swan’s Island resident Wes Staples and his brother Bud both served in World War II. But the siblings belonged to different U.S. Army battalions. So […]

fiddle for knockout

Bucksport’s longtime paper mill closed late last year. Now, an offensive is well under way against the idea — put forward by some after the […]

Penobscot Marine Museum is providing paper and pencils for visitors to create their own pinhole photos inside its giant, walk-in camera.

It was Daniel Webster who wrote that men “hang out signs indicative of their respective trades” — shoemakers a giant shoe, jewelers a monster watch […]