• See the Puffins
    See the Puffins
    “Puffins are important because of hope,” says Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. naturalist Hugo Navarro. “They are proof that extinction can be reversed.”
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  • Learn to fly
    Learn to fly
    “Being a flight instructor, one of the things is you usually end up making lifelong friends,” he said. “I have friends from way back from the 1980s that I’m still friends with. You make a lot of contacts with people on the way.”
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  • Take a train ride
    Take a train ride
    “You're really selling the experience versus the service,” Fernald reflected. “People rode passenger trains because they had to get from one place to another, and then as time went by and things changed … those things kind of started to go away. And so, to preserve this stuff so that other people can appreciate what things were like — that’s kind of what this is all about.”
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  • Visit an historic fort
    Visit an historic fort
    At the tower’s base, visitors take an elevator that whisks them 420 feet in the air in 48 seconds.
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  • Haul lobster traps with Linda Greenlaw
    Haul lobster traps with Linda Greenlaw
    Greenlaw, who also sword fished for years and has been featured on the Discovery Network’s “Swords: Life on the Line” program, is offering night cruises, too. Aboard a Wesmac yacht named Select, the two-hour cruises will feature an astronomer who will give passengers a tour of the night sky.
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  • Take a carving class
    Take a carving class
    “There’s just so many things to learn about birds. In one lifetime you couldn’t begin to grasp it,” bird carver Wendell Gilley explains in a video featured on the website of the Wendell Gilley Museum in Southwest Harbor.
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Maine's natural beauty
Tastes of sea and land
A lively arts scene
Maine's natural beauty
Tastes of sea and land
A lively arts scene
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Over two million visitors flock to Acadia National Park each year. The region's natural beauty does not stop at the park's boundaries, however. There are many vibrant communities and attractions within a half-day's drive. Check out all Downeast Maine has to offer.

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