One of Maine’s unusual sights, the Western Hemisphere’s largest tidal whirlpool, “The Old Sow,” can be seen off Eastport.

Interior of the Jud Hartmann Gallery

As a young boy, Jud Hartmann enjoyed painting and studying the history of Native American tribes of the Northeastern United States. Those passions are melded […]

On their first date, Sally Lobkowicz and her future husband set out to solve a mystery in the Midcoast Maine town of Jefferson’s Bunker Hill […]

Captain Garrett Aldrich

George Aldrich is a tough teacher. When Isle au Haut Boat Services’ former ferry captain was training his son, he would throw a rag over […]

Downtown Lubec, Maine

When Gale White bought the pink and blue coffee shop on the waterfront, the former medical products executive envisioned eventually turning the old clapboard storefront […]

At 7:20 a.m. on a foggy summer morning, a dark green Mini Cooper pulls into Rooster Brother. A tall, lean man, clasping a black travel […]

Vibrant, delicately crafted baskets greet the eye at Island Artisans in Bar Harbor. Abigail Goodyear was among the five artists who founded the artists collective […]

College of the Atlantic President Darron Collins

What better way to spend a glorious summer morning than hiking in Acadia National Park with Darron Collins leading the way on the Beachcroft Trail […]

Founding artistic director Francis Fortier has discovered new musicians to enrich the 2015 Bar Harbor Music Festival held in singular settings scattered across this coastal […]