WINTER HARBOR — Harold “Hal” Borns, a University of Maine geologist and founder of the school’s Climate Change Institute, might as well add “time traveler” […]

Cherry-chocolate chip scones

It’s a gray, muggy morning in early July. A small group sits at the front of Buck’s Harbor Market, drinking joe, chewing the fat. “Welcome […]

Bucksport’s longtime paper mill closed late last year. Now, an offensive is well under way against the idea — put forward by some after the […]

The Great Chimney is not, as its name might suggest, something Santa shimmies up and down every Christmas Eve. But for visitors to Acadia National […]

Two years ago, artists and El El Frijoles taqueria proprietors Michele Levesque and Michael Rossney purchase an old vending machine — the low-slung kind that […]

Things didn’t end well for Dudley Saltonstall, an American naval commander during the Revolutionary War who later went on to become a trader. In 1779, […]

Farm-to-table dining may be all the rage these days, but farm-to-table drinking still has a ways to go. With baby steps, John Hikade and his […]

When a stranger rolls into town after sunset and asks where to get a bite to eat, chances are she or he might wind up at Danny Murphy’s.

The weathered bronze discs are called benchmarks, and engraved in each are the year they were set, the name of the spot and also the name of the national agency that lay them: the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey.

On a clear morning in June, a woman with short, white hair made her way through the Ingersoll Point Preserve at a blistering pace — except Donna Kausen wasn’t worrying about blisters.

Making both locals and out-of-towners feel like family seems to be a part of the mission at Ruth & Wimpy’s, where every dish is made on the spot.

The Telephone Museum in Ellsworth is a cavernous space filled with more retro telecommunications technology than an early James Bond film.