“They’re very quiet, classic New England neighborhoods,” Ray Foster said while walking the streets of downtown Machias. The Washington County seat may be small, but […]

“The trick of it is, if the string isn’t tight…” museum staff member Chad Perkins begins, holding one of the two tin cans that have […]

“Do you hear that?” Nancy Patterson asks as she walks deeper down the trail and into the woods. She’s referring to the call of a […]

There are not many places in Maine where one can purchase viper skin necklaces or rare Andean blue opal from Peru and examine the complete […]

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. For the town of Searsport, located about 45 minutes west of Ellsworth, […]

There’s a certain wave on Swan’s Island. In this village of roughly 330 year-round residents — no matter where you are, who you are or […]

Balinese temple flags are not a typical sight in Maine. But if you’re driving down Route 3 in Trenton, the waving banners catch the eye […]