For 25 years, Polly and her husband, Levon, have owned and operated their walk-up or dine-in seafood restaurant on Route 1 in Sullivan.

Waves erupt in white foam at the base of Acadia National Park’s Otter Cliffs. Hanging on the immense rock wall is Leah Taylor. The Waldo […]

Wading through waist-high grasses swaying in the breeze, Jesse Wheeler looks both concerned and delighted by the variety of plants around him. Acadia National Park’s […]

“99.9 percent of people are happy, maybe one in a thousand is a little grumpy” says owner Bill Coggins, referring to the fudge at Ben […]

For half a century, Shirley’s Yarns, Crafts & Gifts has supplied crafters and curious tourists with everything from cupcake tins to lighthouse-themed needlework kits. For […]

  Inside his own sheltered yard, surrounded by wild greenery, Gauch spreads his wings in the morning sunlight at the Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary in Ellsworth.“He […]

Imagine waking up to birds singing all around, chickens clucking nearby and the scent of salty ocean air wafting through the room. Crossing the Deer […]

  Two silhouettes dance across the orange sky at dusk in Great Pond Mountain Wildlands in Orland. “Night hawks!” Rich MacDonald exclaims. A hush falls […]

  “Cookies and noodles, cookies and noodles. That’s what we make here at Timber Tina’s,” logging legend Tina Scheer declared, holding up a round slice […]

Claire and Carly Weinberg have created a peaceful pit stop for motorists heading to or passing through Gouldsboro. About 20 minutes east of Ellsworth on […]

Stepping across stones, over toads, around delicate wildflowers and wooden staircases leads a curious wanderer down to Maine’s Bold Coast. After following a forested path, […]