Church Listings

castine churches book 018Advent Christian

Advent Christian Church, Sunshine. 348-6974.


St. Thomas Anglican Church, 373 Bangor Road, Ellsworth. 667-2001.

Assembly of God

Ellsworth Assembly of God, Beechland Road, Ellsworth. 667-8998.

First Light Assembly of God, Route 3, Otter Creek. 288-8990.

Lighthouse Assembly of God, Route 186, South Gouldsboro. 963-7779.


First Baptist Church of Bar Harbor, 46 Ledgelawn Ave.

Birch Harbor Baptist Church. 963-7632.

South Blue Hill Baptist Church. 359-2301.

First Baptist Church of Blue Hill, 53 Pleasant St. 374-5907.

First Baptist Church of Brooklin, Route 175. 359-4698.

Bucksport Bible Church, 16 Central St., Bucksport. 469-7121.

Clifton United Baptist Church, 742 Airline Road. 843-5441.

Corea Baptist Church, Route 195. 963-2692.

Eastbrook Baptist Church. 565-3838.

Emmanuel Baptist Church, Park and School streets, Ellsworth. 667-8706.

Maine Coast Baptist Church, Bangor Road. 667-7071.

United Baptist Church, corner of Pine and Hancock streets, Ellsworth. 667-8051.

Franklin Baptist Church, Route 182. 565-8836.

Bible Baptist Church, Route 1, Hancock. 664-9396.

Hancock Baptist Church, Eastside Road, Hancock.

Lamoine Baptist Church, Route 184, Lamoine Beach Road. 667-9006.

Otis Baptist Church, Route 180. 537-3200.

South Penobscot Baptist Church, Route 175. 326-0845.

Eden Baptist Church, Salisbury Cove.

Baptist Church, Seal Cove.

North Sedgwick Baptist Church, junction Route 172 and Ridge Road. 359-4401.

Steuben Baptist Church, Townsley Square, 546-4283.

Sullivan Harbor Independent Baptist Church, Route 1.

Swan’s Island Baptist Church, 434 Atlantic Road. 526-4347.

Cornerstone Baptist, Route 102, West Tremont. 244-7640.

Trenton Baptist Church, Route 3. 667-2498.

First Baptist Church, 315 Main St., Winter Harbor. 963-2263.

Solid Rock Bible Baptist Church, 769 South Gouldsboro Road, Gouldsboro. 546-1960.

Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel Downeast, 513 Bar Harbor Road, Trenton. 667-6702.


Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, 21 Ledgelawn Ave., Bar Harbor.

St. Vincent de Paul, 158 Franklin St. Bucksport. 469-7144.

Our Lady of Holy Hope Catholic Church, Perkins Street, Castine.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 231 Main St., Ellsworth. 667-2342.

St. Mary by-the-Sea, Northeast Harbor. 276-5588.

St. Ignatius Church, 8 Lookout Way, Northeast Harbor.

St. Mary Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church, Granite Street, Stonington. 367-2343.

Christian Science

Christian Science Society, 39 Washington St. (public reading room), Ellsworth. 667-3489.

Christian Science Society, 38 Caterpillar Road, Sargentville. 348-6073.

Church of Christ

Ellsworth Area Church of Christ, Route 1, Hancock. 667-9880, 422-9034.

Church of God

Bucksport Church of God, Race Course Road. 469-2309.

Christian Ridge Ministries Church of God, 53 Christian Ridge Road, Ellsworth. 667-4534.

The Message, 49 Park St., Bar Harbor. 479-3656.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Beechland Road off Route 3, Ellsworth. 667-7919.

Church of the Nazarene

Church of the Nazarene, Route 3, across from Super Shoes, Ellsworth. 667-6785.

Community of Christ

Community of Christ, 283 State St., Route 1A, Ellsworth. 542-9067.


Islesford Congregational Church. 244-3048.

Saunders Memorial Congregational Church, Eggemoggin Road, Little Deer Isle. 348-6090.

Congregational Church, 29 High Road, Southwest Harbor. 244-5487.


St. Saviour’s Episcopal Church, 41 Mount Desert St., Bar Harbor.

St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church, 330 Hinckley Ridge Road, Blue Hill. 374-5200.

Trinity Episcopal, Perkins Street, Castine. 326-4180.

St. Dunstan’s Episcopal, 134 State St., Ellsworth. 667-5495.

Church of Our Father, Hulls Cove. 288-4849.

St. Brendan the Navigator Episcopal. Route 15, North Deer Isle, between Reach Road and Island Nursing Home. 367-2833.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Seal Cove. 244-3229.

St. John’s Episcopal Church, 319 Main St., Southwest Harbor. 244-3229.


Fountain of Life Foursquare Church, Route 3, Seal Cove. 288-4004.


Family Bible Church, Bar Harbor Road, Ellsworth. 667-9586.

Ashville Community Church, Ashville Road, Sullivan. 422-3457, 422-3386.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Bar Harbor Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 1428 State Highway 3, Bar Harbor. 288-4341.

Ellsworth Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 84 Christian Ridge Road, Ellsworth. 667-4073.

Steuben Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 46 U.S. Route 1. 546-7911.


St. Andrew Lutheran Church, routes 1 and 184, Ellsworth. 667-7641.


Brooksville United Methodist Church, 713 Coastal Road, Brooksville. 469-7850.

East Bucksport United Methodist Church, Church Road off Route 46, Bucksport. 469-3589.

North Bucksport United Methodist Church, Route 15 (South Shore Road).

Franklin Street United Methodist, Franklin Street, Bucksport. 469-3622.

Ellsworth United Methodist Church, 21 Hancock St. 667-5966.

Franklin United Methodist Church, Route 182, Franklin Village. 483-2787.

United Methodist Church, 24 Narramissic Drive, Orland. 469-3714.

Penobscot United Methodist Church, Route 175. 326-9488.

Prospect Harbor United Methodist Church, Route 186. 963-5556.

United Methodist Church, Seabreeze Avenue, Stonington. 367-5807, 367-2945.

Island Light Community Church, North Road, Swan’s Island. 526-4041.


Faith Community Fellowship, Bar Harbor Road on the Ellsworth/Trenton line. 669-2182,

Olsen Memorial Church, Bass Harbor. 244-7640.

Free Christian Society and Church, Gary Moore Road, Ellsworth. 667-0083.

Union Church, nondenominational, Seawall Road, Route 102A, Manset. 479-1307.

The Abby Chapel, Seal Harbor.

The Rock Church, 2505 U.S. Route 1, Sullivan. 944-8562.

The Good News Fellowship Church, 171 Bar Harbor Road, Trenton. 667-2448, [email protected].

7th-12th Grade Youth Nation, 171 Bar Harbor Road, Trenton. 667-2448. [email protected].

Connection Church, 25 Eastward Lane, Ellsworth.


Blue Hill Pentecostal Assembly, 766 Pleasant St., Blue Hill. 374-5348

The Church of Life and Praise, 321 State St., Ellsworth. 667-4308.

Pentecostal Lighthouse, Route 102, Town Hill. 288-3048.


Penobscot Bay Presbyterian Church, Verona Grange Hall, 54 Main St. 469-6100.

Seventh-day Adventist

Seventh-day Adventist Church, Route 1, Bucksport Road, Ellsworth. 667-5937.

Society of Friends

Narramissic Valley Friends Meeting, Bucksport Area Day Care Center, Miles Lane.

Acadia Friends Meeting, Quaker, Neighborhood House, Northeast Harbor. 288-4941, 288-9695.

Eggemoggin Quaker Friends, Sargentville Chapel, Route 175, Sargentville. 359-8422, 359-2077, 348-6686.


Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Castine, Court Street on the Common. 326-9083.

Unitarian Universalist Church, 121 Bucksport Road, Ellsworth. 667-4393.

United Church of Christ

Amherst-Aurora United Church of Christ Congregational, Route 9, Amherst.

Bar Harbor Congregational Church, 29 Mount Desert St. 288-3280.

First Congregational Church, Main Street, Blue Hill. 374-2891.

West Brooksville Congregational Church, UCC, Route 176. 326-8283.

Elm Street Congregational Church, corner Elm and Franklin streets, Bucksport.

The Trinitarian Congregational Parish of Castine, UCC, Main Street. 326-9486.

Cranberry Island Congregational Church. 244-9698.

First Congregational Church, Cherryfield. 546-3421.

Dedham Congregational Church, 512 Upper Dedham Road.

First Congregational Church of Deer Isle and Sunset Congregational Church. 348-6602.

First Congregational Church UCC, corner of Church and State streets, Ellsworth. 667-8321.

Union Congregational, UCC, Route 179, from Route 1A, The Falls. 667-3691.

Union Congregational Church, UCC, Route 1, Hancock. 422-3100.

Milbridge Congregational Church (UCC). 546-7391.

UCC of Northeast Harbor and Seal Harbor. 276-5521.

Somesville Union Meeting House, United Church of Christ, Main Street. 244-9260.

Tremont Congregational. 244-4019.

United Church of Christ, Tremont.

Tibetan Buddhist

Ellsworth Meditation Center, 161 State St., Ellsworth. [email protected].

Zen Buddhist

Morgan Bay Zendo, 532 Morgan Bay Road, Surry. [email protected];