Dig in at the Ellsworth Farmers Market

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  • Flying bush planes over Zambian nature reserves used to be Franklin resident Charlotte Hanks’ jam, but now she’s all about making actual jam, iced teas, wines, and popsicles is at the Shalom Orchards farm. DAVID ROZA PHOTO
  • Organic “Champagne Berry” white currants were on sale at Pam Murphy’s Hancock-based farm stand, Briarwood Farm. DAVID ROZA PHOTO
  • The sweet organic cinnamon buns were all the rage at Miki Macdonald’s Bangor-based Bigg’s Organic Breads. DAVID ROZA PHOTO
  • Karen and Paul Volckhausen from Happy Town Farm in Orland recommend shelling their organic peas, boiling them and putting some butter and mint on them afterwards, but “sometimes people eat them on the way home and they don’t have any left for dinner!” said Karen. DAVID ROZA PHOTO
  • All kinds of organic, vegan breads were sold by the Bangor-based Biggi’s Organic Breads, though the chocolate almond cake (in the box) brings out the worst in co-owner Miki Macdonald’s mother Marion; “I don’t want to share it with anyone!” she said. DAVID ROZA PHOTO


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