Be part of Acadia’s 100th birthday

Hiking, walking or driving up Cadillac Mountain is a ritual made even more special during Acadia National Park’s 100th year. PHOTO BY EARL BRECHLIN

One hundred years ago, Acadia National Park was conserved to ensure that its stunning beauty, natural wonders and cultural treasures would be protected for the inspiration and enjoyment of all.

This, together with subsequent efforts that created the Acadia we know today, was the achievement of many committed individuals, and we celebrate their foresight and generosity.

Throughout 2016, organizations, institutions and individuals will be celebrating Acadia National Park’s centennial anniversary. The timing coincides with the celebration of the centennial of the National Park Service taking place across the nation.

acadia centennial logoAcadia’s 100th year is our chance to renew the passion and vision that is the founders’ legacy — to ensure that this national living treasure is protected for generations to come.

All year long, more than 200 Acadia Centennial Partners will offer events, activities, products, and more to celebrate their relationship with Acadia. Celebrate your own special relationship with this magnificent place by taking part in centennial offerings that speak to you.

As the park partner most focused on connecting individuals with Acadia, Friends of Acadia has been a driving force behind the centennial celebration.

Among the special events will be concerts, art shows, naturalist lectures on the flora, fauna and geology of the park and programs designed to get kids to enjoy more time outdoors. A wide variety of Acadia Centennial merchandise also is also available from area retailers.

To learn more about the events, visit acadiacentennial2016.org.