Things to Do

For 25 years, Polly and her husband, Levon, have owned and operated their walk-up or dine-in seafood restaurant on Route 1 in Sullivan.

Twenty years ago, David Thompson and Matthew Strong flew separately down to South America. The two Mainers were on a mission to salvage a Swedish Ericsson AGF500 telephone switching system from a telephone company in Peru. The system is a highlight of The Telephone Museum in Ellsworth.

Bad Little Brewing Co.’s co-owners Sean Lent and Kathryn Toppan combined Sean’s microbrewery and their restaurant in Machias’s historic Clark Perry House.

Boyce’s Motel is multi-generation, family-run inn in Stonington. Proprietor Barrett Gray’s maternal great-grandmother, Mae Boyce, and his grandparents, George and Barbara Boyce, opened the silver-shingled inn in 1961.

Rebecca and Michael Daugherty run Sea Kayak Stonington. The couple leads tours among the archipelago of islands and beyond from this largely commercial fishing port on the southern end of Deer Isle.

Waves erupt in white foam at the base of Acadia National Park’s Otter Cliffs. Hanging on the immense rock wall is Leah Taylor. The Waldo […]

Wading through waist-high grasses swaying in the breeze, Jesse Wheeler looks both concerned and delighted by the variety of plants around him. Acadia National Park’s […]

“99.9 percent of people are happy, maybe one in a thousand is a little grumpy” says owner Bill Coggins, referring to the fudge at Ben […]

For half a century, Shirley’s Yarns, Crafts & Gifts has supplied crafters and curious tourists with everything from cupcake tins to lighthouse-themed needlework kits. For […]

  Inside his own sheltered yard, surrounded by wild greenery, Gauch spreads his wings in the morning sunlight at the Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary in Ellsworth.“He […]

Imagine waking up to birds singing all around, chickens clucking nearby and the scent of salty ocean air wafting through the room. Crossing the Deer […]

“DANGER” warns a sign wedged between a stuffed alligator’s teeth. A long brownish snakeskin also is on a long board at Perry’s Nut House on […]

It’s hard to miss The Whistling Buoy’s series of signs spelling out “FUDGE” in big, bold letters along Route 3 in Trenton. Reminiscent of the […]

Before Kathy Allen agreed to marry Bob Weldon, she had a catch: he had to move to Maine. Weldon, who had lived in Puerto Rico, […]

If you want to understand how sausage is made — or, in this case, how lobster is caught — look no further than the Bottom […]