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Before Kathy Allen agreed to marry Bob Weldon, she had a catch: he had to move to Maine. Weldon, who had lived in Puerto Rico, […]

If you want to understand how sausage is made — or, in this case, how lobster is caught — look no further than the Bottom […]

In June, Buck Memorial Library threw itself a party. Bucksport’s library had reason to celebrate having steadfastly stayed open since the same time last year […]

Under the cover of night, tucked away in the enlisted men’s quarters, a raspy robot utters the word “poltergeist.” Utterance is heard clear as day […]

A sparkling white clapboard, the Stonington Public Library stands out in downtown Stonington. Built in 1857, the building at 64 Main Street has a friendly […]

Growing-up outside Philadelphia in the 1950s and ’60s, Peter Beerits loved the “Western” genre, then at its peak. He recalls watching the whirling cinematic gunfight […]

After coming every summer for 30 years, Nancy Critchett is planting permanent roots on Mount Desert Island. In early May she, her sister and their […]

ADDISON Mayhew Library Association, Marilyn Rittenhouse, director. 290 Water St. mayhew@ CA BAILEYVILLE Woodland Public Library, Sylvia Brown, directors 169 Main St. 427-3235. CA BAR HARBOR Jesup Memorial […]

“There’s just so many things to learn about birds. In one lifetime you couldn’t begin to grasp it,” bird carver Wendell Gilley explains in a […]

Entering the Abbe Museum’s new exhibit “wolankeyutomon: Take Care of Everything,” visitors are greeted by an intricately woven pufferfish. It is crafted from brown ashwood […]

Jordan Camber and Dylan Kelley sit on logs, tightly fastening their tree-climbing gaffs or spikes, which will allow them to dig into the soft wood […]

The sculptures hanging above the washing machine at Kelly and Jane Littlefield’s house look like they belong in an art gallery. In fact, they’re already […]

A bell jingles when the door opens to Stubborn Cow Glass. Inside, the daylight illuminates a majestic peacock, spreading its iridescent train, created in stained […]

Customers drift in and out of Sihaya Hopkins’ gallery in Blue Hill.  Each person remarks on the beauty of the lampwork glass beads that form […]

BlackSheep Trading Company’s roadside signs offer “Deer and sheepskin gloves” and “Buy-one, get-one-free belts.”