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Entering the Abbe Museum’s new exhibit “wolankeyutomon: Take Care of Everything,” visitors are greeted by an intricately woven pufferfish. It is crafted from brown ashwood […]

Jordan Camber and Dylan Kelley sit on logs, tightly fastening their tree-climbing gaffs or spikes, which will allow them to dig into the soft wood […]

The sculptures hanging above the washing machine at Kelly and Jane Littlefield’s house look like they belong in an art gallery. In fact, they’re already […]

A bell jingles when the door opens to Stubborn Cow Glass. Inside, the daylight illuminates a majestic peacock, spreading its iridescent train, created in stained […]

Customers drift in and out of Sihaya Hopkins’ gallery in Blue Hill.  Each person remarks on the beauty of the lampwork glass beads that form […]

BlackSheep Trading Company’s roadside signs offer “Deer and sheepskin gloves” and “Buy-one, get-one-free belts.”

Don’t blink or you might miss it. It may be a tiny pop of color tucked under a bush or bears artistic lettering and balances […]

Don Dunbar doesn’t shy away from grand photos. He once shot the East Quoddy Lighthouse on Campobello Island when the thermostat read 36 degrees below […]

Rosemary Levin is accomplished in rug hooking — an art form that involves pulling loops of yarn through a stiff woven base to create a […]

Afternoon sunlight streamed through the windows and soft guitar music filled the air at the Lighthouse Arts Center. The view of the Penobscot River’s deep […]

Pick any point in downtown Bar Harbor — a stretch of sidewalk, the front step of a restaurant, or a blade of grass on the […]

Planning a Maine vacation with kids in tow? Here are seven kid-friendly activities sure to be a hit with young travelers. Splish splash! What child […]

Fog locked the Ellsworth Public Library in a sea of gray, but the library’s Riverview Room felt sunny as some 20 children aged 10 months […]

Temple Blackwood, owner of Highland Woodturning in Castine, has been turning oak, cherry and other wood into bowls, spindles and other pieces since the early 1970s.

For seven weeks every summer, some of the nation’s most gifted young musicians flock to a wooded campus just off Route 15 in Blue Hill. […]