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When it’s busy at Gateway Lunt’s Lobster Pound, you can see smoke billowing from four hot, steaming cookers, all at once, beside the roadside restaurant […]

In early spring, Amanda Smith and Alexis Walls hung up the keys to their food truck after finding a brick-and-mortar home for their popular food […]

Maine historically is known for home baking. So when a new bakery opens, it’s the talk of many Maine towns (and cities). Especially if they […]

A beacon for those searching for shellfish fresh from the sea is the yellow awning of Thurston’s Lobster Pound that stands out on the shores […]

As a Midwesterner, the sight of my first Maine lobster was intimidating: 2 pounds of cooked meat hidden inside the crustacean’s formidable red shell. I […]

Pink gumballs are among the best sellers at Sugar Mags Retro Candy & Soda emporium in downtown Ellsworth.

While finnan haddie may sound strange to American ears, the smoked fish has been popular in Britain for over a century, Penfold said, and in Scotland for even longer.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but there might not always be heat — at least not in the backroom of Sullivan Harbor Farm, which follows […]

On Saturday mornings, a real estate agency’s parking lot in Ellsworth becomes a community gathering where a freshly baked loaf of sourdough bread and other […]

Since taking over Peaked Mountain Farm in 2002, Dan and Gail VanWarts have strived to keep the land as natural as possible.

He is not in Kansas anymore, but Brian Schaper brought his snow cone business with him. Brrrr! Harbor, located in Town Hill, a village within […]

Diners and seafood shoppers who find their way into Peekytoe Provisions toward the lower end of Main Street in Bar Harbor can thank their good […]

Stewman’s Lobster Pound on the waterfront in Bar Harbor isn’t the kind of place you go to just once. “We get people who come back […]

Born in Bar Harbor’s Lompoc Café in 1993, Atlantic Brewing Co. has been brewing up classics such as Island Ginger, Cadillac Mount Stout and Bar […]

One of Maine’s signature charms is the classic, rambling inns perched like grand dames on the rocky coastline. One of the originals, the Asticou Inn, was built at the head of Northeast Harbor in 1883.