History & Heritage

Two new bearded athletes are making woodchips fly at Timber Tina’s Great Maine Lumberjack Show on Route 3 in Trenton.

The Champlain Society’s story and contribution to Acadia National Park’s founding is the focus of an exhibit “Before Acadia: Adventure & Discovery.”

When the “phone phreaks” of the mid-20th century hacked into phones, it was the start of an arms race in network security between hackers and programmers that continues with the firewalls and malware of today.

Walk into Marlinespike Chandlery, a small Stonington shop on a one-lane road overlooking Penobscot Bay, and you’re bound to have lots of questions.

American history fans need look no further than Ellsworth’s Woodlawn Museum to get their fix.

Today we have Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook. But in 1909, Americans were enamored with another — albeit slightly slower — app for sending pictures […]

Bar Harbor’s Abbe Museum is dedicated to telling the story of the Wabanaki people, the original inhabitants of New England and southeastern Canada.

With Prius hybrids dotting the highways and the auto industry grappling with the push toward cleaner vehicles, it may come as a surprise to know […]

Oh, the stories they could tell, the 57 lighthouses strung along Maine’s rocky coast and on its outer islands.

In the early 1900s, a battle erupted when the first cars began negotiating the roads of Mount Desert Island. Some saw these “devil carts” as […]

WINTER HARBOR — Harold “Hal” Borns, a University of Maine geologist and founder of the school’s Climate Change Institute, might as well add “time traveler” […]

On their first date, Sally Lobkowicz and her future husband set out to solve a mystery in the Midcoast Maine town of Jefferson’s Bunker Hill […]

Ruggles House

You’ve probably been told before to “sleep tight.” But do you know the origin of that phrase? In the 19th century, rope beds were common. […]

Burnt Coat Harbor Lighthouse

Swan’s Island resident Wes Staples and his brother Bud both served in World War II. But the siblings belonged to different U.S. Army battalions. So […]

It was Daniel Webster who wrote that men “hang out signs indicative of their respective trades” — shoemakers a giant shoe, jewelers a monster watch […]