On the Water

“Oohs” and “ahs” erupted from the starboard side of the Friendship V where a white-sided dolphin had surfaced with its calf. Then, hundreds more of […]

Blue skies and cotton candy clouds stretched like an awning over Branch Pond. A symphony of croaking frogs and chirping birds accompanied the splashing against […]

Exploring Ellsworth’s Branch Lake area, visitors can go for a leisurely stroll in Frenchman Bay Conservancy’s Branch Lake Public Forest and then enjoy a refreshing […]

Salt air fused with a woody scent wafting from the cedar planking of the Alice E. as Captain Karl Brunner motored the Friendship sloop away […]

Two hours east of Ellsworth and two minutes west of the Canadian border, Lubec is off the beaten path. But the town numbering 1,500 year-round […]

If at all possible, any visit to the coast of Maine ought to include at least one ride on a boat. For centuries, life here […]

What better way to explore the very picturesque Eastern Bay than in a cabin cruiser with two of the most seafaring siblings in Jonesport. Meet […]

The still waters of the Mount Desert Narrows resembled an infinity pool. The endless sea of blue was broken up only by the wooded Thomas […]

The Mount Desert Oceanarium, which highlights coastal marine life and habitat, is like a combined science class and petting zoo.

Sea kayaking, sailing, canoeing, power boat cruising, whale watching; there already are so many different ways to see Mount Desert Island from the water. So […]

Soulful flute music and sultry vocals from the ensemble Shades of Blue blended with the sound of running water in the golden evening light one […]

From a distance, the six sea-kayakers looked quite graceful. The bows of their 16-foot, banana-colored craft cut smooth circles into the calm blue waters of […]

Walk into Marlinespike Chandlery, a small Stonington shop on a one-lane road overlooking Penobscot Bay, and you’re bound to have lots of questions.

The owners of The Activity Shop are on a mission to get visitors in the right-sized boat for the right body of water for their Maine vacation.

One of the two most beautiful experiences when coming to Downeast Maine is to take a ferry ride across the sun-speckled Frenchman Bay to Winter […]