Things to Do

For over a decade, Daniel Lunt has stood at the helm of different ferries, most recently the Miss Lizzie, which runs between Bar Harbor on […]

From Herb Hodgkins’ living room, you get a sweeping view of the Tidal Falls. As a visitor sits and talks with the retired lobster pound […]

Charles Galley remembers when his family got their very first telephone — a black Western Electric 500 rotary dial model — at their Winkumpaugh Road […]

At 7:45 a.m. on a weekday, Michael Wade tightened the laces on his bright green running shoes. Lush lawns, shrubbery and iridescent green tree leaves […]

The sculptures hanging above the washing machine at Kelly and Jane Littlefield’s house look like they belong in an art gallery. In fact, they’re already […]

Browsing the carrots, snap peas, strawberries and other freshly harvested produce at the Ellsworth Farmers Market, which convenes several days a week (see hours below) […]

“Have you ever shopped here?” Bonnie Copper asks as we walk into Blue Hill’s Turn-Style Thrift Shop. “Well, you’re going to after this.” At first […]

Pink gumballs are among the best sellers at Sugar Mags Retro Candy & Soda emporium in downtown Ellsworth.

A bell jingles when the door opens to Stubborn Cow Glass. Inside, the daylight illuminates a majestic peacock, spreading its iridescent train, created in stained […]

Somesville, the oldest village on Mount Desert Island and one of the most picturesque hamlets in Maine, has a history that reaches back centuries. You […]

Three kids bound up the trail toward the summit of John B. Mountain. The adults make their way behind as the day’s temperature climbs to 90 degrees.

Nearly a century ago, canoe builders on West Grand Lake were tinkering with their molds. The far-flung fishing and hunting spot in Washington County was […]

While finnan haddie may sound strange to American ears, the smoked fish has been popular in Britain for over a century, Penfold said, and in Scotland for even longer.

“This has always been a fishing town, and it hasn’t really changed,” noted Donald Woodward, who heads the Jonesport Historical Society.

Lili Pew buckles the strap on her helmet, clicks one foot into her bike pedal and takes off from home in Seal Harbor. The cyclist, […]