Things to Do

In June, Buck Memorial Library threw itself a party. Bucksport’s library had reason to celebrate having steadfastly stayed open since the same time last year […]

Under the cover of night, tucked away in the enlisted men’s quarters, a raspy robot utters the word “poltergeist.” Utterance is heard clear as day […]

Gerry Monteux is not someone who particularly enjoys sitting still. But, when it comes to taking photos, the wildlife photographer could sit for a whole […]

  Two silhouettes dance across the orange sky at dusk in Great Pond Mountain Wildlands in Orland. “Night hawks!” Rich MacDonald exclaims. A hush falls […]

  “Cookies and noodles, cookies and noodles. That’s what we make here at Timber Tina’s,” logging legend Tina Scheer declared, holding up a round slice […]

Claire and Carly Weinberg have created a peaceful pit stop for motorists heading to or passing through Gouldsboro. About 20 minutes east of Ellsworth on […]

Stepping across stones, over toads, around delicate wildflowers and wooden staircases leads a curious wanderer down to Maine’s Bold Coast. After following a forested path, […]

A sparkling white clapboard, the Stonington Public Library stands out in downtown Stonington. Built in 1857, the building at 64 Main Street has a friendly […]

Peregrine falcons are territorial and defensive. The once nearly extinct birds will dive-bomb, screech at and even strike something that threatens them and their chicks. […]

When it’s busy at Gateway Lunt’s Lobster Pound, you can see smoke billowing from four hot, steaming cookers, all at once, beside the roadside restaurant […]

Growing-up outside Philadelphia in the 1950s and ’60s, Peter Beerits loved the “Western” genre, then at its peak. He recalls watching the whirling cinematic gunfight […]

On a carriage road before crossing the Duck Brook Bridge, Acadia National Park Ranger Nikki Hermann asks our guided group of bicyclists whether they would […]

A blue bin overflows with thousands of feet of climbing rope like a mountain of spaghetti. Atop a desk, canvas sprawls. The fabric is covered […]

We walk slowly along Acadia National Park’s Hemlock Trail, on the lookout for a family of barred owls. A jogger stops, excitedly telling us she […]

By Mike Mandell The coronavirus pandemic forced Mainers to miss out on quite a few rites of passage last year, but fishing season was not […]