Tried and True Recipe

“99.9 percent of people are happy, maybe one in a thousand is a little grumpy” says owner Bill Coggins, referring to the fudge at Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium on Main Street in Bar Harbor. In its 42nd year, the shop’s fudge recipe dates back to 1865. The recipe is adapted to concoct flashier flavors such as cookies and cream, blueberry, and salted caramel. A total of 16 different flavors of fudge are offered.

Bill and his son Connor use real cream and butter to make their fudge and 64 different types of ice cream and an extensive variety of candies ranging from chocolate-dipped Oreos to butter crunch. An ice cream cone-wielding lobster statue greets customers outside the vintage, kiosk style candy store. Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium is located at 66 Main St. For more info, call 288-3281 and visit